The Working Group for Midwifery (“Working Group”) was founded on the basis of the resolution of the Government Council for Equality of Women and Men (“Council”) from September 12, 2013 to focus on the topic of equality of women and men related to the field of midwifery. The Working Group was then established and started functioning at the beginning of 2015.

The Working Group presupposes that parents are not a homogeneous body. Their views and needs fundamentally change together with changes of the society as a whole. The economic, social, class, religious, national, ethnic and cultural diversity of society is growing. In this context the Working Group focuses on supporting free choice for parents regarding the method, circumstances and place of giving birth. These should respond to changes in society, and the demands and values of the generation that enters the parental phase, so that the current system of pregnancy, labour and maternity care reacts to these new challenges.

An important current social phenomenon is also the crisis of social trust in politics, the system and the administration of public issues and finances. The crisis affects all the fields and, among others, propagates itself into the relationships among doctors and patients; it can also cause mistrust towards the care provided, sometimes perceived as paternalistic.


The Working Group:

  • focuses on the situation in Czech midwifery so that the parents are free to choose of the method, circumstances and place of giving birth, or pregnancy, labour and maternity care under lege artis intentions;
  • reacts to the social demand for ensuring care diversity to cover various female or family bodys' needs;
  • is concerned with the situation of key care providers and their needs, namely healthcare and other professions, incl. midwives' care;
  • in the system of Czech midwifery, it focuses on identifying specific problems in providing healthcare from the point of view of key participants of healthcare system, and searches for consensual solutions with respect to the economic aspect of the problem (more effective care for the same or lower costs).


Main aims of the Working Group:

  • to suggest changes, recommendations, execution mechanisms and methods so that the system of pregnancy, labour and maternity care is safe; has high quality; respects various value orientations of parents and their right to a free choice of the method, circumstances and place of the labour;
  • to support the demands of effectivity and economic sustainability of the system of pregnancy, labour and maternity care via suggested changes, recommendations, execution mechanisms and methods;
  • to start and support the development of Czech midwifery on the basis of suggested solutions with respect to the situation of key healthcare providers and diversity of social needs;
  • to ensure the support of particular solutions by interested participants and the general public, their permanent sustainability and improvement of the system with respect to a possible care diversity.


The starting points and aims given above are, among others, projected into the following fields:

  • legislation;
  • data collection and analysis;
  • ethics in maternity care.


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