The Department of Equality of Women and Men coordinates the agenda of equality of women and men on the state level. It provides methodical and professional support to a network of coordinators of gender equality (so-called gender focal points) at individual ministries of the Czech Republic. Furthermore, it provides administrative support for the Government Council for Equal Opportunities of Women and Men founded by the governmental resolution from October 10th, 2001, no. 1033. The council is a permanent advisory body of the Czech government regarding the issues of equality of women and men. Another important task of the Department is to implement the Government Strategy for Equality of Women and Men in the Czech Republic for 2014 – 2020, which was approved by the Czech government by the resolution from November 12th, 2014, no. 931. During the implementation of the Strategy, specific emphasis is put on the dignity and integrity of women and men and work-life balance.

The equality of women and men is a priority of the government. The Department presupposes in its activity that it is one of the essential components of a democratic and lawful society. Czech Republic pledged to promote gender equality in a number of international documents: beginning with the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (1983) and the Beijing Platform for Action (1995) towards documents such as the European Social Charter (1999). All these commitments further result from the abovementioned government strategy.

Supporting equality of women and men contributes to justice in the sense of equal share in decision-making, in access to resources and in taking care of children, household and relatives; and in reinforcing the principle of non-discrimination. Furthermore, it considerably increases economic prosperity and competitiveness, strengthens the effectivity of economy and the labour market, and contributes to the demographic growth of the population. Last but not least, it leads to a greater feeling of happiness and the coherence of society.

Currently the Department realizes the campaign That’s equality! aimed at the prevention of domestic violence and the promotion of work–life balance. The campaign is a part of the project Domestic and Gender-based Violence / Mainstreaming Gender Equality and Promoting Work-Life Balance supported from Norway Grants.


Radan Šafařík


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