The role of the secretariat of the Government Council for Gender Equality and its committees is fulfilled by the Gender Equality Department. The Gender Equality Department is responsible for the following activities:

  • drafting, formulating and assessing national concept plans and legislation in the field of equality for women and men
  • drafting, formulating and assessing international and EU legislation and conceptual and strategic documents of the EU in the field of equality for women and men
  • assessing the fulfilment of international obligations, especially the implementation of EU law in the field of equality for women and men
  • acting as a national coordinator for gender equality policies
  • providing expert, organisational and administrative support to the Council

Government Council for Gender Equality

The Government Council for Gender Equality (hereafter referred to as the Council) is a permanent Government advisory body in the area of creating equal opportunities for women and men. The Council was established by Government Resolution No. 1033 of October 10, 2001.

The Council drafts proposals for the promotion and achievement of equality for women and men.

In particular, the Council:

a) discusses and recommends to the Government basic policies for conceptual directions in the procedure of promoting equality of women and men;
b) coordinates main directions of ministerial policies in the area of gender equality;
c) sets a range of priorities for ministerial projects supporting equal opportunities for women and men;
d) identifies current problems in society related to gender equality;
e) evaluates the effectiveness of measures taken towards equality between women and men.

The Council sessions are held when necessary, but at least two times per year. Information about the Council‘s activities is available for the public on the Government‘s web pages. The Council does not have the power to investigate citizen complaints on the violation of the principle of equality for women and men. Organisational, administrative and expert tasks and the releasing and updating of information about the Council‘s activities are arranged by the Council secretariat, which is part of the Government Office’s organisational structure.


The Council has four advisory committees and four working groups:

  • the Committee on the Institutional Framework for Gender Equality
  • the Committee for Balanced Representation of Women and Men in Politics and Decision-making
  • the Committee for the Reconciliation of Work, Private and Family Life
  • the Committee for Prevention of Domestic Violence and Violence against Women
  • the Working Group on Men and Gender Equality
  • the Working Group on Obstetrics and Midwifery
  • the Working Group on Gender and COVID-19
  • the Working Group on Grant programme Promotion of the publicly effective activities in the field of gender equality


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