The Government Council for Equal Opportunities of Women and Men (hereafter “the Council“) is a permanent advisory board of the government in the area of creating equal opportunities for women and men. The Council was established by the Czech government’s resolution No. 1033 on 10th October 2001.

The Council prepares proposals directed at promoting and reaching the equality of women and men. The Council  particularly:

  • monitors domestic implementation of international commitments of the Czech Republic in the area of equality of women and men, in particular the commitments arising from the UN Convention on the elimination of all kinds of discrimination against women and others;
  • identifies current social problems in the area of equality of women and men;
  • discusses and recommends to the government of the Czech Republic the basic conceptual directions in the procedure of promoting equality of women and men, particularly through processing the proposals concerned with the policies in different areas of equality of women and men, the proposals for partial measures and incentives to improve equality of women and men, either from the Council’s own initiative or within the framework of tasks given to the Council or its chairman/chairwoman by the government;
  • delivers its opinions on proposals by governmental, departmental and other measures concerned with the equality of women and men;
  • evaluates the effectiveness of measures taken towards equality of women and men;
  • monitors the implementation and helps in implementation of the strategic documents of the government of the Czech Republic in the area of equality of women and men;
  • coordinates the guidelines of departmental concepts in the area of gender equality and establishes the priorities for departmental projects supporting the implementation of equality of women and men;
  • discusses and recommends to the relevant minister or to the head of relevant central authority of the state administration the focus of grant programmes supporting publicly beneficial activities of NGOs in the area of equality of women and men;
  • cooperates with non-government, non-profit organisations concerned with equality of women and men and with local authorities.

Currently, the Council established the following committees and working groups:

  • Committee for Institutional Security of Equality of Women and Men;
  • Committee for Prevention of Domestic Violence and Violence against Women;
  • Committee for Equal Representation of Women and Men in Politics and Decision-making Positions;
  • Committee for Reconciliation of Work, Private and Family Life;
  • Working Group for Men and Equality of Women and Men;
  • Working Group for Midwifery;
  • Working Group for the Grant Programme Support of Publicly Beneficial Activities of NGOs in the Area of Gender Equality.

The agenda of gender equality and the Council Secretariat was moved from the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs to the Office of the Government of the Czech Republic by the government resolution No. 492 on 25th June 2014.

The Council’s chairman/chairwoman is, by its status, a member of the government whose remit includes gender equality. At the moment, the Council’s chairman is the Minister for Human Rights, Equal Opportunities and Legislation, Jan Chvojka.

The Council meetings are held as needed, at least four times a year. The information about the Council’s activities is available to the public on the government’s website. The Council does not have the authority to investigate citizens' complaints against the principles of gender equality. The Council Secretariat (Department of Gender Equality), which is an organisational part of the Government, provides the organizational, technical and administrative work and the publication of information on the Council's work.

As of 15th of July 2015, the government of the Czech Republic approved a new status of the Council with a resolution No. 544 on 8th July, 2015.


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